FitPebble is the perfect Pebble watch face for #MobileFit Month!

If you’re a Pebble user who also happens to be rocking a Fitbit — there’s a sweet watch face you may have missed. FitPebble connects to your Fitbit account from your Android or iOS device and displays your current stats right on your Pebble smartwatch. It’s a quick and easy way to see your stats throughout the day.

After installing the app on your Pebble, just login and FitPebble will collect your data and show it under the time on the watch face. It shows off total steps, distance, floors & active minutes. Each has a progress bar so you can see how close you are to your daily goal, and will also show a checkmark when you complete them.

FitPebble makes it much easier to check in on your Fitbit stats at a glance, rather than having to open the Fitbit app or check your dashboard from the web. It’s totally free to use and works like a champ. The perfect Pebble face to use during June for #MobileFit Month!

You can grab FitPebble in the Pebble appstore, no companion app required.

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These Pixelated Pics of NYC Were Taken On A Game Boy

These Pixelated Pics of NYC Were Taken On A Game Boy

Ah, to see the world through greyscale-colored lenses. Photographer David Friedman took these charming pixelated pics of New York way back in the year 2000… ON A GAME BOY. They’re not only a technological time capsule, but an urban one.

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Google Docs for iPhone and iPad review: It’s just as bad as Google Sheets

Google Docs is one of Google’s newest iPhone and iPad apps. Just be sure you don’t confuse it with the Google Docs service itself, because the Google Docs app deals only with word processing and text editing. If you want to access your spreadsheets, you’ll need to grab the Google Sheets app as well. Some folks may ask why Google decided to split these services into two separate apps that were already accessible with the Google Drive app. Perhaps for extra features or capabilities? I recently reviewed Google Sheets and found that wasn’t exactly the case. So is Google Docs any different?

Much like the Google Sheets app, Google Docs doesn’t give you any sort of file organization system for your documents. Everything shows up in a long list and your only view options are list and tiles. Of course you can always use the sort option and find things alphabetically. But if you’re anything like me, you won’t remember what you named a file from a week ago unless it’s in a folder that gives you a clue. So this approach by Google still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If I have folders in Drive, let me have them in the Google Docs app.

Creating a new document is easy enough. Sharing it is just as easy. Collaboration is one thing Google has always done decently well and both Google Docs and Google Sheets are great examples of this. If you’re editing a document while someone else is in it, you can see what they’re doing in real time.

The real problem lies with the extremely limited functionality Google Docs offers in terms of document editing and creation. There’s no option to upload photos from your Camera Roll, hell you can’t even paste in an image if you copy it from the Photos app first. Basically, if you need to embed images or media into a document, you’ll need to use the online version of Google Docs in order to do it. The options you do have for editing are limited to customizing fonts, alignment, indentation, bullets, and comments.

The good

  • Great collaboration options

The bad

  • Very limited editing options
  • No sorting options for documents, a big messy list is what you get
  • No image and media insertion supported

The bottom line

Unfortunately I’m equally as unimpressed with Google Docs as I was with Google Sheets. They’re both half baked products that obviously weren’t very well thought out. I can understand splitting services and productivity tools into separate apps if there is some incentive for doing so. In this instance, there is none. There are no additional features or benefits to using either of these apps over Google Drive.

Until Google Docs is able to act as more than a plain text editor, there are better options available that are more worthy of your time and in some cases, money.

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Google Just Brought Me a Single Bag of Cookies and I’m Scared

Google Just Brought Me a Single Bag of Cookies and I'm Scared

Today, Google Shopping Express—Google’s gift to hermits, misanthropes, and anyone otherwise averse to movement everywhere—made its way into the cities of New York and Los Angeles . And after trying out the service for ourselves, we can finally say with confidence that, yes—we are all doomed .

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Solar jet fuel has been created for the first time

Solar jet fuel has been created for the first time

Maybe we won’t suck up all of Earth’s resources and destroy our planet just yet. Scientists say that they have created solar jet fuel using just sunlight, water and carbon dioxide for the very first time. That’s basically creating fuel from thin air.

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The Still-Frozen Great Lakes Could Mean Cold Temperatures All Summer

The Still-Frozen Great Lakes Could Mean Cold Temperatures All Summer

Last time we checked in with the Great Lakes , it was in the bone-chilling depths of the Polar Vortex, and a record-breaking 88 percent of the lakes were frozen. Now, here we are, at the end of April, and the lakes are still 30 percent frozen, which could mean a colder summer for the country.

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Spotify Asks Band to Take Down Scam Album, Band Responds Hilariously

Spotify Asks Band to Take Down Scam Album, Band Responds Hilariously

Last month, we told you about Vulfpeck’s ironic Spotify record, Sleepify , which was completely silent and designed to raise money for the funk band’s tour. Well, Spotify finally got around to responding to the band’s attempted scam. They’re not happy about it!

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