Google Sent Out Broken Glass to Try on “For Look Purposes Only”

Google Sent Out Broken Glass to Try on "For Look Purposes Only"

Is the only thing holding you back from entering the world of Glass the fact that you can’t decide which color best brings out your eyes? Worry no more. Google’s fixed the problem by sending potential Explorers all four colors of Glass’ Titanium Collection . And because this is just about about how great(?) you’ll look in Glass, those test units are entirely, 100 percent non-functional.

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Americans Are Surprisingly Optimistic About the Future of Technology

Americans Are Surprisingly Optimistic About the Future of Technology

Even in an age of security leaks and government surveillance, amazingly, Americans still feel pretty good about the role that technology will play in their lives, according to a new study. However, when you ask them about the specific advances—like bioengineering, wearable tech, drones, and robots—Americans are a bit more wary of welcoming the future.

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Sony sold seven million PS4s already, beating its own predictions

Sony was quick to pat itself on the back for passing five million PlayStation 4s sold more than a month earlier than it predicted, and now that the fiscal year is over there’s more to celebrate. As of April 6th, Sony says it has sold more than seven…

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Space Invaders Should Have Been A Biblical Epic All Along

Space Invaders Should Have Been A Biblical Epic All Along

Artist Dan Hernandez has an awesome new show up in New York City at the Kim Foster Gallery, combining Renaissance theology with the iconography of early computer game art—or Space Invaders meets the Book of Genesis.

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How to create a Facebook event on your iPhone or iPad

If you use the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily create events for parties and get togethers, no computer required. Unfortunately Facebook has decided to somewhat bury the feature, which has left a lot of people scratching their heads. If you’re one of the ones who couldn’t find it, follow along and we’ll show you where it’s at!

How to create a Facebook event in the Facebook for iOS app

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on the More tab in the bottom navigation.
  3. Tap on the dropdown arrow next to the Apps section in order to expand all.
  4. Find Events in the Apps list and tap on it.
  5. In the upper right hand corner, tap on the + symbol to add an event.
  6. Type in the information for your event. Once you’re finished, tap on the Done button in the upper right hand corner.

That’s it! Your event should now be created and should then show up under the main events section. You can return to it at any time in order to edit it, add more people, and even cancel it.

Do you use Facebook events for anything? If so, does having the ability to create and manage them in iOS make them a convenient way to share things with friends? Or do you still stick with plain old calendar invites? Let me know in the comments!


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